10 adorable Easter Cakes you can make at home | on TheCakeBlog.com

Easter is just two days away.  That means it’s time to get baking!  Have you decided what to make for dessert yet?  Before we head into the holiday weekend, I thought we’d take a look at some of my favorite Easter cakes that you can easily make at home.  A few of these you’ve seen here on the blog before.  The rest are beautiful new ideas that caught my eye this year.  Any of these cakes would be a fabulous addition to your Easter celebration.  And the best part about them, besides being gorgeously sweet?  They come with tutorials, tips and recipes to guide you.  So let’s hop to it!  (Sorry, that’s the last Easter pun, promise!)  Here are 10 Easter Cakes You Can Make at Home

1.  Speckled, splattered and inspired by robin’s eggs.  The original Speckled Egg Cake by Carrie Sellman for The Cake Blog.

2.  For those of us who love these addictive little eggs…. A Cadbury Mini Egg Cake by Tonia of The Gunny Sack.
3.  Pretty pastel polka dots make this cake beautiful on the inside and out.  A double Polka Dot Cakeby Elizabeth LaBau of Sugar Hero.
4.  Melted marshmallows are the trick to this updated basket weave, inspired by grapevine baskets.  An Easter Basket Cake by Carrie Sellman for The Cake Blog.
5.  Who can resist ruffled buttercream carrots and confetti?  A Carrots and Cookie Bunny Cake by Hani Bacova of Haniela’s.
6.  Easter candy awaits inside this Bunny Pinata Cake by Jeanny Horstmann of Zucker zimt und liebe.  (Look for the translate to English button in the sidebar.)
7.  Swirled, fluffy and ridiculously cute.  A Lamb Cake by Lyndsay Sung for Handmade Charlotte.
8.  Quite possibly the easiest Easter cake you’ll ever decorate.  A Chocolate Bunny Cake by Carrie Sellman for The Cake Blog.
9.  Soft pastels, swirls and adorable bunnies with an updated carrot cake inside.  A Chocolate Almond Carrot Cake by Darla Wireman of Bakingdom.
10.  Furry, loveable and ready to be the star of your dessert table.  An Easter Bunny Cake by Lyndsay Sung for Craftsy.